Send emails to Teacher/Staff groups within Google Mail

Another nice feature of switching to Google Mail is we can set up custom mass-email groups for staff within the district.  I have set up a couple of custom groups so when you want to send an email to a bunch of people, you don't necessarily have to have them in your list of contacts.

Just start typing the name of the group and it should automatically show you groups that begin with that name. For example, to send an email to all Middle & High School teachers, just start typing "mshs" in the "To:" box in Google Mail.  The group email address "mshs@usd369" will automatically send an email to everyone in that group.

Here's a list of groups I have set up so far.  If you think the district as a whole could use another group, just let me know.  As always, you can make your own custom groups in your own Contacts list.


Middle School/High School Teachers

Specials Teachers

Elementary (PreK-5)

Intermediate (3-5)

Primary (K-2)


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